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A blog that contains some articles indeed normally would or furnished to the image in it. The existence of a photo or image is very important for a blog and article that makes it more interesting and increasingly favored by negations and search engine. The existence of a photo or image does have its own position in blogging. For visitors themselves, with their pictures or photos, it will make them have a complete reading, informative and not boring.

By Jeff Bullas, a marketing internet stated that article which includes the image in which 94% would be more many of which are not seen. And for bloggers are running monetization blog, where photographs or This image is one part that will take you to that goal. Content that there would indeed be very visual component qualified for any event including blogs. This matter due to the nature of the man who loved visualization. However, you should remember that not Random photos or images that can be displayed on an article on this blog. So how did the steps or way create and apply an image or images to blog This? Here's his review.

1. Adjust with Scene articles The first step to apply image or photos for the blog is to establish and customize the theme articles. Yes, a picture or photograph it must be in accordance with the theme of the content or articles that have been written. It would be strange indeed if the image or photos posted to an article does not match the content or writing. If the image does not fit this later You force the visitor who reads content articles may feel lazy or could be annoyed. From here if you do not want anything like this happening on blogs, then inevitably you have to adjust a photo or pictures with the content or theme of the article. How Caray? So before installing an image, it is advisable to finish writing to completion for later put a picture or drawing. Article Other: 7 Blogger Mistakes When Writing Blog Posts Title

2. Use Photo or Image Resolution tall one Well after finding images in accordance with the content or the theme of the article, the next steps to implement the photo to blog is a photo or picture that has high resolution. Why should photos and images release high resolution? because with the photo has a high-resolution image quality will getting better and better. Yes, so the visitors coming to your blog You will be more comfortable because they feel happy with zoom. Besides images with high resolution, This will also make your article more interesting and support the information you provide with better and more detail.

3. Use Pictures or Photos Documentation own For more articles and blog makes you memorable professional, then you can use the photo results I the documentation itself. To get a picture or photograph for this blog is you can get it from main search (search engine). But the weakness if You use photos or images from a search via The search engine then your blog will feel less steady and also less supportive monetizing activities.

Now therefore if you are able to find photos own documentation articles or blog then you will be more feels professional. The visitors (visitor) even when seeing photos of your own documentation would prefer and enjoy it. And certainly with photos of This catapult itself this blog monetization activities will increasingly be supported well. Read also: Wants Post Blog Each Day? Try 3 Ways to Easily Make It Here 

4. Edit Photos Also No Wrong Steps and tips in applying the photo blog are to do photo editing if necessary. Yes, if you feel a lump and less good at drawing or photograph that was appropriate and These will be installed, it would not hurt to do editing or changes. By using many software or existing photo editing application, then you will be able to make your photos much more interesting and memorable for visitors.
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