For those of you who are new to the blogging world, following are some of the terms commonly used or known in the world of blogging. Let's listen to the information on enriching our knowledge about blogging:

1. Post Defined as an activity to distribute the content information to be known by others. posts can last between one party with another party through email intercession. Or from one party too many parties as a person does when posting in #media social, blog, website or other mass media. By doing post, then parties can disseminate information shaped articles, expression, image, video or sound files quickly and easily.

2. Blogger Parties that have a blog or create content on a blog. Blogger build a blog is usually aims to disseminate information or announcements to be it can be seen by other people who read blogs they. But there are also bloggers who make the blog as a means to write an experience or expression of mood every day. One blogger code of conduct is to present blog content polite, and no SARA free to copy and paste from other blogs. In Indonesia, many bloggers creative and are able to develop into a startup online blog advantageous for example, is FemaleDaily. com.

3. Domain The unique name that is used as an address for identifying a website, blog server on Internet Network. Domain to distinguish server address one server to another. By Therefore, there is no website or server by name the same in the internet world. For example, if a server using the name www. google. com, it will be No other servers can have domains exactly the same as Google's own domain. Upscale Domain also has a classification by country, as various websites Indonesia whose domains ending with ". co. id "or website Malaysian domain ". co. my "

4. Template Document or file that contains information about the model or display which is usually used as a reference when making other documents. A good template is a template attractive and eye catching without forgetting the ergonomic side. Someone who wants to create a blog or website usually requires a template as a reference design and see his blog. At that time there were a lot of blog template that can be downloaded free thus simplifying the beginner blogger in designing a blog that is eye catching and Ergonomic.

5. Tag The symbol used as a code for marking element - a command element in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). The use of tags is usually done in pairs to flank the HTML commands in the system. Some tags are known in the HTML system among others. to define the HTML system Tag and </ p> to create a paragraph Tag
and </ br> to change the line (line break) The and </ img> to enter images into HTML system 6. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) RSS is a web feed format that is written in the format XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is used for informing a digital content often in Update, such as Blog, News feeds, or podcasts. 7. blogspot One of the services that facilitate the creation of a blog free and easy. Blogspot services are provided free of charge by Google so it automatically blog using the facilities of Blogspot usually more easily appear in search results on the machine Google searches. Some advantages Blogspot: Using the existence of HTML-based system Custom domain can be done easily and free The template is easy to use and edited by beginner blogger Very good security system Supports the concept JavaScripts for use variety of features and widgets Learn more about Blogspot in www.Mas- Sugeng .com 8. WordPress One of the services that facilitate the creation of a blog free and easy. WordPress is developed by WordPress Foundation and using the system based programming language PHP. Some advantages of WordPress: The system is open source, thus allowing bloggers to get the code system WordPress software freely. Blogger which is already quite expert can modify and develop appropriate programs WordPress desire Many plug-yan may expand with the needs of the users of WordPress such as anti-spam plugin, photo albums and plugins more Amenities format and style of the text is complete and varies Multikategori system support. This makes 1 article can be grouped into different -beda different categories in a blog 9. blog Walking Activity visiting various blogs according to your interests and needs. These activities are often carried out by the bloggers to increase knowledge and insight latest information about a variety of information ranging from about technology, celebrities, games and more. Through blog walking anyway, can be formed interactive relationships among fellow bloggers. Blogger visiting other blogs can leave a comment or suggestions in the comments box provided. other than that The blogger may also promote his blog by installing a URL link to get to his blog. Something form symbiotic mutualism, both among the bloggers. 10. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) SEO is a set of actions with a particular technique to optimize the ranking of a blog on a page search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Read also: How to Shop Online With Platform WordPress Hopefully some of the important terms in blogging as mentioned above could provide additional information useful for all readers.
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