FREELANCE! Why freelance?
Time and place of work are flexible. Want to work anything with any payment, we who decide whether or not. Origin has an internet connection, computer, skill (tentative), time, everyone can become a freelancer.

Could meet with clients from various countries, enrich our experience and practice our English Payment is in USD and we can take advantage of foreign exchange for additional profit Speaking of freelancers, the beginning of the plunge in this world is out of curiosity whether the money can really be liquid in our account. I tried money game first, never been a single account. End of 2013 I accidentally get oDesk link from a friend.

He has not yet made an oDesk account but has heard that oDesk is the most famous freelancer website now. I also look for info about oDesk, then I got a free e-book guide to be an online freelancer in oDesk. I do not know Mas Cloud Foresters, but I know he is an online freelancer Indonesia that has successfully generated quite a $$$ from oDesk. Web sites such as oDesk is a marketplace that brings together clients and freelancers.

All things that can be done via computer, the results of digital files such as graphic design services, programming, etc., can all be done through online freelancers. From that e-book, I learned about what oDesk, oDesk's work system, how freelancers work, and other things, and that day I created an account at oDesk. Once I create an account, honestly I am not familiar with what to do next. I only create profiles, fill out profile photos, personal data, etc.

So, my oDesk account was idle for months. Until finally in February 2014 I got an email notification from oDesk which contains about "Invitation to Interview". Honestly surprised, because I have not opened anything in oDesk other than filling out the first time profile. Be my interviewee, and client finally hires after reviewing of interview result. The first client is very good, the client from the Philippines, he hires many people to work in 1 team. From there I learned about fixed-price payments and finally, I managed to collect $ 100 + from that job in 3 months.

 I tried to test payment to Paypal, it worked, money from oDesk successfully sent to Paypal with a fee of $ 1 per transfer! And from there I am more confident to apply for work in oDesk.
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