How to Make a Blog Dummy This work is not very difficult because each site providing Web 2.0 Properties. Then the site could we use as a fertile ground is right for build a blog dummy. To create a dummy blog can be done in several free sites either from foreign countries or Local sites in the country that provide a place for creating a dummy blog include: or also on and could in etc.
2. For sites in the country can take advantage of In principle, according to SEO, as the basis for build a dummy blog is working to create a blog dummy is as if the blog was created by the other. The point is made with natural as possible but see to it that the blog has content that is blog relevant matches with all blog we have.

We recommend that you create one account for each blog. Avoid making several dummy blog in one account. For example, in you make an account and made 5 dummy blog that all of its links leads to The main blog the same, then the risk is detected Google.

You may make some dummy blog on the same account but make sure each dummy blog 'airport' The main different blog. Or if you just have one The main blog then makes several different accounts each one dummy blog. Okay, after you create an account on each site above (or some other similar sites), then we start working.

Say you've made 5 blogs and we assume each named A, B, C, until E. Remember, the blog should be the same dummy theme with the main blog.

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