Honestly overall I think Elance is better than oDesk. But to my knowledge, oDesk is more famous than Elance, probably because of his more post job in oDesk. In general, I work in Engineering & Manufacturing at Elance. Maybe because my work type in Elance is more "weighty" than in oDesk, my income from Elance is much greater than oDesk.

I got my first hourly job from Elance. From there I just know the system work hourly job, using the tracker, and ready-ready our computer screen will be captured. I will give the difference between oDesk and Elance as far as my experience: Membership ODesk and Elance can provide free membership for life. A free account in oDesk can apply to all job categories, while free account at Elance can only enroll in 1 (one) job category and must apply there. 

Fixed-price job ODesk using the "funded" system, wait until it is written that the work is "funded" by a client. Elance uses Escrow to ensure the client already has money for the amount of our work contract. Hourly job ODesk uses "oDesk Team" for our working time track. Elance uses "Tracker" for the same function. When turning on the tracker, make sure that our internet is online.

A number of posts ODesk has about 37,000 job posts for all job categories. Elance has about 24,000 job posts for all job categories. (November 2014) The number of job categories ODesk has 9 categories (Web Development, Design & Multimedia, Writing & Translation, Sales & Marketing, Software Development, Administrative Support, Business Services, Networking & Information Systems, Customer Service). Elance has 8 categories (IT & Programming, Design & Multimedia, Writing & Translation, Sales & Marketing, Admin Support, Engineering & Manufacturing, Finance & Management, Legal).

The number of competitors ODesk has many rivals every time apply, at least 20 people apply in 1 job posting. Elance does not apply much, about 5-20 people in 1 job posting. Profile view I personally prefer the profile look of Elance versus oDesk. But this depends on the taste of each person. Check my profile here for oDesk and Elance. Apply job application ODesk application letter Job application from oDesk is more varied because the questions can be added by the client themselves.

Elance application letter Job application from Elance is default as above; Cover letter and further questions. Rating & feedback In oDesk, the new client can leave feedback for the freelancer after the freelancer provides feedback for the client. While in Elance, the client can provide feedback before or after the freelancer provides feedback for the client. 

Skill's test Skill test from oDesk and Elance is free, but oDesk has more variation skill tests than Elance, Profit ODesk takes a 10% profit on every payment the client gives on the freelancer. Elance takes advantage of 8.75% of any payments the client gives on the freelancer. Payment For payment system, specifically I will only discuss Paypal system because I only use Paypal for money transactions from oDesk and Elance.

ODesk cut S1 for each withdrawal transaction to Paypal account, and our Paypal account must have the same e-mail address with our account at oDesk. Elance does not charge any fees for withdrawal transactions to our Paypal account, and Paypal accounts may differ by e-mail address with Elance account. Then from Paypal account, we setting withdraw to a bank account in Indonesia (I use BCA). So which one is the best? ODesk or Elance? As I said before, I prefer Elance, because Elance is more comfortable, his rival is not much. And again, my skills are more suitable for use in Elance. 

Is the freelancer website only oDesk and Elance? There are still some famous websites, but I do not very recommend. One of them is freelancer dot com.
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