The profession as a blogger today is increasingly today more and more in demand by negations. With many interesting advantages that can be obtained from this profession as well as income and popularity than many people suddenly want to seriously carry out the weblog tangible this web application. the whereabouts of the blogger today increasingly exist because of the support of increasingly sophisticated technology and the Internet network as well as moments of sharing via social media and instant messaging applications.

Of these things, the more the profession blogger interested. But to become a blogger, there some things you need to understand it, one of them is the basic ability. Yes, a blogger indeed required to have some basic skills can deliver on a successful path. So what basic capabilities that must be owned by this blogger? 

Here's his review.

1. Science Coding The first basic capabilities you need to have for being a blogger is the ability or knowledge coding (programming). Why it took the science of coding? Because when you create a blog then you will be required to adjust and set the template will use to blog. Not process adjust and set the template blog this is called with coding. time the process of setting up and customize template This blog you will indeed wrestle with code - code to be able to make a blog look more interesting views. Other articles: Learning Guide For Beginners Blogging, Tips build Blog

2. Science Writing and Journalism Next, the ability or the basic science that needs to be owned a man who would become a blogger is the ability writing and journalism. Yes, to fill the content or update the blog every day you are required to write an article. Without any articles or content then your blog can be considered dead. Yes, that's what ability to explore the idea of writing and also stringing words by word will be needed to be updated your blog every day. apart that do not forget the journalistic code of ethics for you learn. Because not all themes or topics you can write with as they pleased. Because there are things that are forbidden and it is inappropriate to be written and published in media mass you need to consider as a blogger.

Well, things are allowed and prohibited in writing blog as one of the mass media is contained in the code of conduct. 

3. Design Science Furthermore, the ability of the base or basic science that needs to be owned by a blogger who wants to be is a design science. For what design science? Of course, to complete the writing you create a picture. Yes, the picture indeed also be decisive for the development of blogs. The more interesting pictures you show it will the more visitors will come to your blog. An interesting picture is also usually required for the header of a blog. Well, to make a blog This attractive then there is the ability or knowledge of design you need to have in order to be able to make writing or You look more attractive.

4. Communication and Social Sciences In the world of blogging, a blogger was prosecuted to establish contact with many people, especially with other bloggers. Well for a relationship with others it is needed an ability basic communication and good social relations. Not only face to face in the community - the community blogger but online when you communicate via blog comments or chat group then you also have to can communicate well. With communication and good social relationships then you will get a lot of fellow bloggers who will useful for future development of your blog.

5. Science Business Management Recently, science and basic capabilities that must be possessed a blogger are the science of business management. What blogger conjunction with the business? Of course, there is. So When you bloggers who use a domain and hosting Pay or Pay the template may also want You will not be required to calculate properly to pay the annual fee. Now would be better and happier if costs are willing to pay with money from blog You. Therefore try to learn science business management is well for continuity and sustainability of your blog.
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