Unfortunately, I still have not been able to work other than that, even though it has been applied to many places. After I learned more, the possibility of newbie difficult to get a job because:

1. Do not have rate and feedback from client
2. Some jobs in oDesk require having working hours at least 100 hours. While the newbie has no experience whatsoever.

3. The cover letter is less interesting. I made 1 letter cover template for all jobs in oDesk. Then I copy-paste each time I apply.

The way it was not effective because the cover letter copy-paste results are usually not ogled by the client. From there I started changing things to get a job in oDesk. I check and analyze job posting every day. I chose a small, easy job to do and open to new oDesker (usually the client writes: "Newbies are welcome to apply").

Another thing I do is write my own cover letter for each job. I read in detail the job description, then write the cover letter with the truth. What needs to be added in the cover letter is our ability to complete the task as soon as possible (can write like this: "I'm sure I can finish this job in ... days.") And give input/suggestions to get the job done quickly.

Do not forget, the rate is also very decisive. Notice the posts above the post job in the entry level section, does the client want "I am looking for freelancers with the lowest rates." Or "I am looking for a mix of experience and value." Or "I am willing to pay more for the most experienced freelancers." Make sure we choose a job that matches our ability and time.

Then since June 2014, I started entering Elance. Unintentionally, I chat with old friends, and he says that his job is now an online freelancer. Then I asked if in oDesk? Apparently, he works at Elance, and he says that Elance is more comfortable because his rivals are few. Starting from there, I know about Elance and look for more info from Google.
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