Blog dummy is a blog created solely for obtaining backlinks easily. blog dummy not infrequently called the "Random Blog Adul" or not infrequently is also called the "Blog Exiles".

Why blog called junk or random origin? because this blog was made deliberately by a party due solely to obtain backlinks of the blog. Blog dummy generally filled with copy and paste articles and add link active to the main blog that the article created just now.

Is not natural backlinks can considered purely by google?

Yes, certainly will be considered a backlink by google, because google has the notion of the main blog has many sites that add url blog on the site. Surely, tips to find backlinks dummy blog is not a bit interested by the blogger.

And many are asking Are backlinks from dummy blog that endanger blog main? According to My Experience, backlink from dummy blog it does not harm our main blog, because google does not know the blog has whom, and who is the owner.

Benefits Blog Dummy When asked regarding the benefits of dummy blog, of course the benefits we derive so much from the many our dummy blog. One benefit is seo optimization and improve the quality of the Blog Main.

Why blog dummy can be used for SEO? Because Contextual backlinks coming from a blog The dummy, as if a lot of the reviewing our blog, or have the notion that blogs we contain useful content. Surely elements such as this will send a positive signal to Google.

So, the conclusion Basic principle of a dummy blog to build levels to make it more optimized SEO blog again, so No word from the master as follows

"Try to create a blog dummy senatural maybe that solely the dummy blog created by someone else and not us "

and the last The most important is content relavan is on The dummy blog.
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