Custom Domain Is Very important For AdSense

Domain is a very important. But Most of the trends of the majority Blogger It was found that the Sub domain (Blogspot.com Or WordPress.com) works..

But Now the work of these sub domain If you are having trouble with Google AdSense approve Many are not always approve. Such an idea Older Sub domain is also available in the e-Google and has caused many AdSense approve He's income.

That is true, but that Sub domain would take time, Google AdSense approve. But the moment you will realize that not too much Site of the Year for Older People The idea is now no longer what it was like.

 Therefore, need to update his idea. Google, which is constantly becoming like him. So your first job is a customer through a site's Domain to work. And as you can advance Smartly will also work.

A custom to keep in mind Domains directly to your site identity. But it is not the Sub domain.
How Important Domains For AdSense
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