Cloud Storage has advantages even more that 4 including the following.

1. Do not take space Advantages in Cloud storage is that it takes a lot room because here we do not need a media for example physical disk flash and others.
2. Minimize Loss Because cloud storage is stored in the cloud and not stored in flash or hard drive. if the flash or the hard drive is lost, your data will go missing but if you store it in the storage Cloud you can minimize the data loss. Yes Cloud storage because it certainly is not going to disappear.

3. Data protected yIf you have important documents and stored in flash or hard drive, it is possible access the data. because the hard drive or flash can be opened by anyone. unlike the case with cloud storage Here you will get the data protection could you provide a password in Cloud you then your data will be protected.

4. In anywhere and anytime if you use a Cloud storage you can access your data anywhere and anytime. cloud storage because you do not rely on media ie physical hard drive or flash. 

If you forget to bring hard drive or flash then you can not access your data but if you use a Cloud storage You can access anywhere and anytime without having If you missed.
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