Benefit from a blog that has quality the good one ? of course you want that blog You visited by many visitors. Well ... following some tips to attract visitors to visit Your New blog.

1. Try to write articles that are as attractive as possible and beneficial to others. Do not just simply write without purpose clearly. Usually visitors really like visit a blog that contains tips and tricks, compared to just plain information.

2. Avoid the copy paste articles from other blogs, especially without specifying the source of the original article. If this is done, and you are caught by others or the owner of the blog, especially as he was the original author, then that person will be blacklisted and scar blog You because they have the copyright protection.

3. List the blog you were to search engines, such as Google. Then how can I make knowing our blog already or not yet in the engine index Google search? It's easy once, ie: only enter the name / title blog You in the search box Google.

4. And If You blog is already indexed in the machine Google search, then you try to focus on in one area or nice just to post an article. Example: You want to focus on math material, it must be cultivated post articles that smells with mathematics, although in one area it can be broken into subcategories article.

why did you have to focus?
The search engine Google was very fond site or blog that focus on one field Any particular subject. As a result, sites / blogs that focus in one area will normally be shown Rated on the first page of results Google search.

5. Use keywords evenly and accurately within an article that you have created. For example, suppose You will make the article entitled 'Recipe potent became an exemplary student '.

Keywords or keyword of the article let 'student, example, the recipe '. Well ... in making the content of the article should spread the word keyword This locks in some parts of the article that we post, yes course shall be assembled with other words for sentence readable.

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