WordPress Installations Succeeding

Let'see process: - This means at the basic step or before you are installing WordPress.

1) A domain (eg http://www.bloggerspices.bid) you would buy, which means your site url address.
2) Buy hosting space to web site storage. You can buy it from any hosting
provider. Most cases people buy domain or hosting in one company because it's easy for all.

3) Download wordpress from http://wordpress.org/download It will be at Zip format, the Zip format Circumstances, you need to upload Your hosting server.

3) Then WordPress to extract the zip file will be hosting in the server.
4) The user will need to create a Database my SQL, which will be hosting control under the panel.
5) Database user privilege or a flower permission Should be on the database.
6) And where do you extract wordpress.zip From there you have wp-config-sample.php pm Find out and then rename it as wp- config.php

7) The text of an eyeball wp-config.php file Open to the Editor.
8) Database that the user have set, Here, let's update the DB_NAME Give the name of the database, DB_USER User Name on Give it to send updates User password, go to DB_PASSWORD.
10) Now, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Opened in the address bar of your website At the address with the wp-admin / install.php am to Hit enter (eg www.bloggerspices.bid/wp-admin/install.php)
11) Click on the Install Run 

12) Give the title of the blog, with Your e-mail address that will give that The Password Recovery comes In addition to the blog post and besides Will e.
13) Allow My blog search engines to Appear Explore the options of a tick mark.

14) can not do anything like that, the installation Once complete, the user name and password After that you will have to change.
The user name and password With it, you have to be able to enter your blog Can you post the settings and change To increase. This is one of the words Admin ID and Password.

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WordPress Installations Succeeding
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