Use Personal Android By Mouse

Hello Friends how are you all ? I hope everyone are fine.

Many of you Or it may be that the Before anyone can share. For those who do not know. We use computer mouse If you think of our mobile If you can use How will it be?

Now the current high Quality Mobile dissolve If you're coming in on demand Using the computer mouse you can do. One advantage to using a mouse Pressure on the mobile screen This will reduce your finger Reduce pressure on.

How Do use a mobile mouse Let's take a look. Two of the conditions.

1. USB mouse.
2. OTG supported phone.


1. Mobile.
2. OTG cable.
3. Mouse.

#First your mouse OTG Add to cable, then OTG charging points mobile Add the other end of the cable.

#Then See your phone's screen, mouse The pointer shows. To Connect Take a few seconds Maybe. 

#Now the fun Mobile Use to mouse. specially Tab more fun to use.

#Please comment any mistakes.
Use Android By Mouse
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