My Smart Phone Watter Fall What I Do

Smartphone Water fall, do not be afraid at all. Before Do not assume the phone is broken. At that time, you should hold at head cold. It is very cool to the following rules. See, the phone will not be any loss.

1) First, open the back cover of the phone battery Take the SIM card out.

2) Do not waste time at the phone dry System. Remember, the phone wet If the state no longer slow down May be lagging behind. Hair If you turn on the dryer drying. The phone with the dryer to dry well.

3) Without the hair dryer, a bowl Put rice dipped in the phone. Phone Completely dry.

4) In a manner more than rice or dry You can pick up the phone dry. Layer 3 Well wrapped in tissue paper and phone 15-20 minutes in the refrigerator the day. Then the refrigerator out from the phone, battery Try putting the phone is running on.

If you do not see progress, absolutely thought do not do. Battery out again Phone refrigerator wrapped in tissue paper In the days.
Smart Phone Water Fall What Next
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