Why RooT Android ?

1. How to get root access If you root your Android device Admin access to your device He will root in Android Many say that access.

The access to the If you do not find the route. this Access to the lot If you are able to do something and get Of course your device The mast must be root. Random App.

2. System Apps As a result, you have to root Admin This means you can access your Control your entire device Arrived. Now you can customize your device's app / system apps You can remove. As stock The system comes with a lot of apps Does it make good use Or they can use when and I do not.

I do not use it What's the benefit? The route You can remove the apps Or phone memory can To move to the SD card Normally you can not. It's your device The increase of internal memory and RAM. This means that two extended Increasing the speed of the device.

3. Full backup of the device Many of us data. and For this reason, a lot of our time Or tab of mobile data Seemed to be the backup. Normally seen Backup can be found all together Or even a lot of things Is missing. Because your access to the device's Admin No. To access the Admin You will do route.

And the root of Your device's apps Full data from the ROM You can backup. We Play The App Store saw a Titanium Backup, which called for backup And it's most Famous Use your root access Need.

4. This is the device's external I refer to your device The cover, casing, color did not mean. This means that the beauty of your device To increase the beauty of the system.

Route If you do a lot of Edit, you can customize So that normal device There will be more than your device One step ahead.

5. pixel density change route By your Change the user interface of the device Can you do it. Smartphone means Many smart features inside Remain.

However, the screen size is small Due to a lot Or that is our problem. Therefore, the pixel density By changing Your device's screen size You can increase Will give you another one Experience.
Reasons of Root Android
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