ROOT Android Whats Benifit

1. Route and the use of the kernel This point performance important Many of us have heard, I do not know the hours. Many There are apps on your device The file is modified in The device's speed and performance Step increase. Now tell me what it is Your device Memory, RAM, processor, etc.

Increase? No ... it's your Hardware will be able to change. However, the firmware changes and ptimize to increase speed. Now the route of the kernel.

The root of the kernel you device's processor clock Use of speed and hardware You can modify. This custom The kernel you want Increase the performance of the device However, you can Advance The user must be level. Today route Tomorrow, and try to take it If he does not. Before With a lot to learn.

2. Custom ROM or Firmware system, which is the default Way with your device We have a lot of time I want to modify. If you do not like And what to change and what to do There is no way to buy a new mobile phone. But ... if you route Your device's default system Or you can switch to ROM.

To add a lot of features Normally you'll be able device will not get in. Also You can change the entire system Which allows the custom ROM. Every week, as I change my mobile phone's ROM And there is the taste of ROM. It If only possible route. And see who It is something in your mobile phone There is a valuable feature The device. Use Custom ROM As a result of the use of those features you can do.

3. To install a separate app and Route app gives you something different Normally you can install but You can not install. Also normal for many applications And many can not work Wants access to the route. Task such Killer app. Normal user said this Use the app and re-route type The user .

Use same app Root user gets more benefits Because the app admin permissions As a result, the systems and hidden Something that can kill the task If your device's speed Growing.

9. Internal Storage whose phone They have less internal memory If by any route Application SD You can transfer. But this work for must be root. Some apps Storage To transfer Freedom, but many apps In addition, there are root Transfer somehow impossible.

For example, Seeking to set your jellybean But for Update Set of data to back up Seeking. Now, if you backup To take any special apps Of course you want to install if you take the set into the route.

10. Is the device's original This means that your device The actual owner. Because the route is Up to the moment of your device Not Admin. Admin your Mobile companies and their The firmware. To give them This system, which is how As you device To use.

But since So I am the owner of my mobile If you will, I will use the route It must be. Route You through your device's Get access to the highest Control You do a lot of things Can.
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