What is it to add custom domain In this article you will learn. First Why do we say to add custom domain

The reason is very simple. When we are under the blogger - The blog will create. The blogger is a sub-  domain.

This means that the main domain, but There will be at Blogspot, a blog on his Under I can make. Example http: // Here is bloggerspices.blogspot.com Blogspot.com The main domain is called at the URL Sub-domain. Because of bloggerspices at Blogspot Under built on.

If the content of your blog post too you want to spread on the Internet If you buy your own domain. You do not have many controls on sub-domains. 

I am discussed the process, first visit blogger - Click the settings> Options click basics> on the right side of the window + Click on a custom domain> Now you Type the domain name on an empty box Let Apply.

Remember you have to buy a custom domain from domain seller before apply. 

Process to Add a custom Domain Blogger
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