A camera in the world during the reign Company Kodak is now almost Name Hardly be heard. However, mobile The popularity of photography to share Kodak's announcement of the new phone There is quite a long time ago.

This time The US edition of It was officially opened Kodak's new Android phone, Kodak IM5. Kodak has made this phone built has a company name. this Many people who would not name the company Phone the company has created its Almost everyone is familiar with.

Stability CAT is quite strong in terms of phones The company has created. However, once the Kodak photography Was quite popular in the world, so many Expects the Mobile Kodak will bring something new in photography.

But they found nothing new phone Could not. On Android 4.4 kitkat Based custom user Staring at the phone interface There is nothing like that. No, and this is only for taking pictures If you do not want to buy high-end phone normal Budget buyers without notice The phone has been created.

Then According to technology site, 13-megapixel and 5-megapixel back Although the front of the camera performance It is not at all extraordinary. Kodak first Android Focus on camera phone Apparently, though: the sight appears Buyers will not be able to attention Phone.

Kodak and phone manufacturers The company's version, "easily" take pictures, Share and print facilities The main goal should be granted the phone. However, Phones to take a picture of it Easy. Since the new phone Kodak No camera has not been great.

So it is very much to get popularity There is no possibility to say it. According to sources, the weight is too light European phone market this year Quarter will be available. If the price of 49 Dollars.

The US market at the end of the year The phone is expected to be released Said. This phone is already there needs Whether we look at it now Issues.
New Kodak Smart Phone
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