This option, which you find:

A) Site Title: Here you will give the site title. Which. ite loading time browser title bar will show. If you are from here Or theme addheader.php pages Title to the site. However, in coding Do not do on the eve of header.php Better off it.

B) Tagline: This is also the site title Will be displayed. However, the site title of the show.

C) WordPress Address (URL): Here That your WordPress site Directory is install The URL should be.

D) Site Address: also WordPress Address (URL) of the same will not work. If your site's homepage Be willing to show the different use separate URL Here. However, 99.99% In WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address stays the same.

E) Email Address: Your Site Admin The use of e-mail address is Would you like to be here. Site relate to this address Any e-mail, new user registration If the e-mail will be moved.

F) Membership: anyone else without you, will be able to register on the site Whether. Setting Check Mark If you can register. and If unchecked register you can not add.

G) New User Default Role: The new site The role of the user registration What could be or as you I want to be set Be able to. He Administrator = Access all data on your site, Editor = He expressed written directly on the site To edit another write, Edit and comment on the site Will be able to delete unwanted comments.

H) Timezone: from here Site International Timezone can decided.

I) Date Format: Here's the format of the date set by the site.

J) Time Format: here Time is of the format of your site.

K) Week Starts On: Get out of here Start your day in the week Any day will be exactly the format.

Media Setting WordPress Customize
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