Why a company spend much dollar? Because so much for finding the right buyer and served with him. They are allowing the buyer Mail to 100 people inside and 70 People are more likely to purchase the product. Content market the same thing. 

Therefore, Where is the content of your blog Find out where being discussed.

For example - Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Twitter, blogs, forums, etc.

Then this can be done more easily If you  can add up the money you pay. But it's our money Do not spend any money to the project, So we will not do it.

Lots of readers or search engine Current supply. The Internet They are used by almost 100% Google or Yahoo Or using any other search engine So, search engines they need Putting search. Google published 3 billion for every search, and more has increased.

This search engine With the help of your blog readers If you would like to bring to the post Write for the search engines. Still others want to write this Because a lot of the right way to do it the contents of this article oscilloscope.

If you like this article However, you can write to your blog Market in work 80% complete, meaning very Very few of the current distress in find your blog.

The current means Income from the blog! Twitter around 500 million, is on Facebook Over 900 million Google Plus almost 100 Million, there are 130 million Linked in On the user.

In this network Most of all Internet users To spend more time. So this took the network of very well help. This may upset your network night millions of blogs to reach out to the people.

Hash tag Twitter is by using your blog those who object are tweeting about them get out and follow your own blog finds good from the line Tweet. And Two very beneficial Website. Google Analytics is a free tool where Google keeps complete blog News.

If you set up a blog If you want, and the income from the blog If you want to live in your blog and this would be to improve tool that will tell you where is the problem of the blog, your blog Current coming from, what they watching, how long see the blog, search what the search engines with your blog Is your blog about health (Not being bad), blog Where are the current ones were attracted to Etc.

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