Open a Website. Where the content should be Which attracts visitors to the Internet Will come to the site. The content of the The original will. That's the site you From it, he took it from the site Visitors to the site to build your own Many stupid, but Google You will be canceled.

If the information However, the talks were put on And the real information and work Being directly copied from anyone Do not run. If you need information about the offer If, on the other sites Delving Information Write gigs itself.

Always We have to try to be in writing If individuality. As well as information However, if they are regularly updated More will be attracted. To get Google to acceptance Or on at least 30 cases Pages must be much more than information.

Thus, When standing at a site, and some Visitors began to get, then to Google Apply for account. However, if the site of the new That is, pages are low, there is hardly any traffic, However, if the condition is not trying It is good.

Because once the cancellation There are hard to get to. So? What papaya? There are ways. Quite easy There is a way. From http://www.blogger.com Open an account. Why Blogger? The first reason - And you need a simple blog system http: // Creating a blog on www.blogger.com 1 of 3 Case. The second reason - the blog system Google's own system. As a result of the acceptance More than other blog sites.

The third reason - It is free. Experiment with Google Accounts Experiment to purchase the domain Suitable for a free domain from which many of the original Because Google remembers everything. No reason If you cancel the whole problem in its own domain, And as it is with Google own Do not be.

So from http://www.blogger.com Remove the Blogger account. Create a blog. No one thing, no matter what Well you know, love and People like to read, to write about it. Own. If you need another site You can get information from, but be careful They may not be copied direct.

A word can be written in several ways. So try out a new information bar To arrange to present. That Regular post on the subject a few days Please. Two or three days in a row.

Thus, two weeks After the Google account You can apply for. Site Address You can give the address of the blog. Blog Keep in mind that at the time of issue The name of the highest. Namely (Your given name. Blogspot.com) it will be Your blog address. Please try your blog The contents of the two words To address the Avail.

However, the account is always in Keep an eye on the quality of the content. Because Google has always declared They are not content Quality More focus on. That should be enough.

However, a Are in the process of getting an account. http: // Switch www.hubpage.com. Open an account. No one's own topics Some of the most widely type of information. Publish Text The HubPages. Thus, a few days post Please. They each post their hubs Say. Wait one to two days.

HubPages Log on to this. Go to Account Settings and Apply for AdSense. When the While Google application on your behalf HubPages To get an AdSense account There is a possibility.

Once the account Once you have created the account, to any blog or site You can. Just Google the terms should be careful Just to comply with the conditions.

Any Google in your account when rough-and-tumble Ten seconds and do not take the time to cancel. If you remember a few words to start ...

When you started playing somewhere not prevent, Be patient. Do not rush. To shortcut Do not try. You're all set.
How to Get AdSense Account Fast Approval
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