Google AdSense is the world's 1st Acceptable earnings Site. Anyone easily could be found in a Google AdSense account. But now they can not easily be found, You get AdSense account if your website must be full-featured.

And if your AdSense from a Blogspot, you want to get a account from inside Blog to apply Google AdSense.

How to do it shown below.

First, sign in to your blog, then click Earning, Switch AdSense account create  or new AdSense account tab in the create account, click here to create an AdSense account in the Account type: 

Select Individual in the account type and Country or territory select Bangladesh Then Contact Information the Payee name Give your name, and it must be match with the Bank account name.

If you do not Bank account fill real name, and ofcourse the real address of your address.

Google send you a letter to verify your address. Lastly, add your mobile number then Check all the options in the Policies. Click Submit.

Two / You receive a message within three days, After 1 week or 1 month, or In less than another Confirmation Email Come, I agree to all the terms and condition when you submit the finished work.

When active your Google AdSense account you sign in to your account, You will see the Home Page of Google AdSense.

From here take ad code and set in your site, If you click on Earning at Blogger It also will be at the Home Page of Google AdSense You will see. After the scheduled time Google will send you a check.

How to Apply AdSense Through Blogger
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