Let's do something about that The normal rules How cool computer Can be ??

1. Please make sure the air flow computer When using the components Due to the use of heat. Because of Casing of the computer spaces the air became hot. The hot air components to be heated more can make more heated.

For some of your computer's casing particular fan of the small fan the hot air out of the inner if the system is out of order The hot air out of the inner fan the air inside out temperature is normal.

Some of the younger fan casing do not use the casing of the fan on only the hole is required, such as the rear part of the motherboard. Freak this is to keep the hot air out it is no obstacle in front of ways There; the whole inner hot air do not come out, so your computer additional heat can be lost. Around two inches empty at least 3 keep space.

2. Open computer casing use nope above points in your mind that can happen if you use of open casing cooler fan of any kind in the usual way without a sufficient amount of air-flow in there will be PC. Yes, your Right reason.

But you have to dust forget that. In dust braking at the top of the processor fan and braking due to the processor less time than normal fans survive. That is, first, to the light advantage, but basically it is your loss.

3. Clean your computer your computer system Casing-in keeps cold inside fan cooling. Slowly fan dust and other dirt accumulation Which can reduce fan performance and the cooling fan's normal Program is tied.

For Blower, open your computer's case and the inner components fan clean. Generally, Computer processor on Power and the inside of the casing with supply two or three of the cooling fan. Clean them. Try Off the power supply of the cooling fan to clean. Are you in the market for a computer Blower 1500 will receive some money.

4. CPU fan and change thermal pest Please turn on the computer processor From the most expensive and is a sensitive component and when using the processor is fast heating. if you ocular processor is already in stock if the change note full speed fan is running.

And if that still does not change try to upgrade. For example, many For companies who have processors Creates a somewhat large fan. Cooler than the processor in stock Able to keep cool. The processor The fan itself is sensible upgrade. Remember, naturally PC Pre-installed on the parts of the Buying new machines are more than good and is effective.

5. Casing of an increase in the number of fan Casing-in is usually a sort of the fan is attached. But if the goal Casing will be built in almost every Cooler fan fitting place two or three. To use them better.

For example, Additional fan Keep your system cool. Non-market brand And brand - Casing fan available. 70 of the 150 non-brand and brands are at 1500-4000 Sometime.

6. Nope not over block you 'Done' is not familiar with the term if you are still in your system does not over block. But those who are familiar with and understand Done to hear over block.

Over locking process components of your maximum forced to work performance. Because of due to the normal way of Over locking normal component was more than heated.

For example, your processor over block but he did not take other precautions. It is very easy to lose your processor may be. So, you absolutely if you do not need your using the system's normal power please. if you continue over block cooling system according to the requirements and use a power supply unit.

7. Please check your power supply if you are in any type of casing if you do not use cooling fan power supply, which is the only way Hot air out of the inner transfer. Check the Power Supply Please. If the fan does not work anyway if your system at any time Damaged due to excessive temperature can go.

However, if some Work with your power supply fan if you do not complete the new power Supply to buy; Because of the fan Not . Use a good quality power supply. Non-branded power supply market 600-900 rupees and brand power money supply between 500 to 5000.

8. For each separate cooling equipment Although the processor fan might use Casing of the temperature, but is responsible for Other computer parts the temperature increase is evenly.

For example, if your computer graphics card As you can see graphics cards Two, or a small cooling fan By default have been added. But if the Despite working in When using the extra graphics card if it is heated Extra cooling fans for graphics cards you can sew.
How Cool Computer Can Be
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