Graphic River Stylish Review

Many sectors Graphics Design Very keen to make a career Some courses do anything without Income does not seem to work. In fact, so much income Is not easy to spend a lot of time and hard work After the success will come.

Today, I talk about the graphics River I say in the ttitle. who is the new and mid-level There are a lot of them will come in handy hope. Training is underway, and in the end they are Photoshop Of course you know what graphics River? Then announce the details for starters. 

What graphics River? 

River Graphics is a Resalable Market place River enabhatorai A site, in this site Designed to be able to sell. Design Or if you sell your item you Receive 50% of the sell. I can not give all the designs submitted Or to be sold? If your design is not standard If your design will be approved. and If the design is approved, then the sell 90% chance of your designs will be sold. 

What design sells ?
Business card, vrochure, Flyer, Folder, Email signature, Product mockup, Invitation card, Letter head, Icon, Resume, Web template, Design, etc. 

You can create and sell. Some words: Graphic designers are those who More designers mistake, Not for all. After learning work Go to the various marketplace It takes a lot of good profile  for stand Done.

And that is good Profile Every month, he will work There is no guarantee. If for any reason, or stopped If your account is banned, and If they are not stopped for any reason. 

What will you do ? 
Where were you right You can go there for the 0 will go. So I would say to the Marketplace Before portfolio of your own site Or on different portfolio for own Good design. Creates portfolio You can direct a client to hold. The marketplace and client also show this. And the most important thing I'll say for Graphic River or other Resalable Marketplace create own profile fitst.

Profile good to say Too many products to be approved. You 00 points if you can get approved If you have a few dollars per month Income that casts any trouble. So I would say create these Resalable Marketplace own profile .

We have to understand graphics What river? 

Graphics River They know must work Product approved in the Marketplace Once the design is very well done, Moreover, the product is not approved. 

Hard Is rejected. However, more graphics disigner get started made the business card. Any item approved graphics river When you make a lot of risaca Comply. And very nice PSD file The user-friendly way to sort. 

In the next post I'll tell you how Create a business card and die-cut, Bleed, Safe lines, etc. How does it work How to Sort and shot psd layer t that Graphics River approved.
Graphic River Review
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