Here I made a stylish important points to improve any site Bounce Rate.

1. Sites can not be ugly. CSS if additional Colorful Can not be removed. Excessiive advertising Visitors should not use it Might be annoyed, so focused on this topic Is recommended.

Because Visitors Entered the site becomes irritated. Overall The site is designed to be simple.

2. Of course the site is easy It is recommended (category or add menu). Main Luke is talking to a professional. Above all, the site must responsive in mind that Desktop, mobile, and even that tablets . This issue is currently very Important thing.

3. The loading time of the site Should be kept. Be ensured open the site and is very fast. Site Load Visitors take a long time to be bored The browser's Back button Re-run the search engine's results page. Or open tabs on your site Will be cut.

4. Not to use wrong keywords. The keywords for the Visitors to the site to search but can find content. And of course exact title and be careful for it.

5. This point is very important. Keep in mind, Why do visitors come to the site? Of course Visitors come to collect the necessary information Service.

In whom we offering content / post. So content writing be warned. Enough And post the content to be accurate, All the things you ask her Posted reading was completed.

Otherwise, they Click your browser's Back button again Go to the search engine's results page. That made perfect quality With enough information, content / post recommended.

6. Another point is inside post on the internal ward Linking to. As a result of this post Related to this topic after reading Visitors Would be interested to read the post.

Through which you will double the rate of the site. Which is able to reduce the bounce rate. What's Ad clicks through to your site Product sales rate, or the number will increase.

Sure, because you know, That is increase page views. Also on the page In case of using external links cautious.

7. There are also some more. As the post Related posts and side bar set Recent most popular post, etc. Widget / Gadget can added.

Thus, Contest and be organized in different pools Maybe. Also to use external links be careful. After all, Google  Analytics data on your site Attention should be.

Control Site Bounce Rate Firstly
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