Today, I Tips and Tricks for you Related tune the tips and Some of the tricks to Android OS On the task. This would ever say tuned to users. It For those who have Android However, let's get started.

Screenshot of Android How ???
Very Easy. If you or your favorite moment Screen image can easily. For the work in accordance with the following Volume Down Button + Start Button / Unlock Button A Hold down. 

You will see that the phone At the moment in which you were or It was passed screenshot. Find the images you A screenshot of memory Folder. [Press Volume Down Button + Start Button ,, at the same time]

2. How to format phone memory ???
Android phone memory format If you want to go to At the storage setting Go. See the bottom of the Erase All Data .... Click here to see Format passed. [Settings >>> Storage >>> Erase All Data ....]

3. If you delete a firm set of apps What if I were to remove or ???
At the very end of a drug there. and That would reset All apps are on your phone The company, which was given to all But you just have to install it yourself They all had to leave. 

If you are having problems when matching system There is no way to reset Just the thing if you such as phone numbers, etc. Butt will be deleted anything other Tension affect the nano.

To do this you have to go Settings. He will go to Backup & Reset ... here. Now get out of here Click reset wait a bit. The set will restart. However, a little light Will. If you look on the set Passed brand new. [Settings >>> Backup & Reset .. >>> Reset]
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