Internet for freelancers The Marketplace Among them are outstanding The site is www. 99designs. com this Only specifically for designers.

All on this job we have found it - website Design, Logo Design, buttons and Icon Design, T - shirt designs, Banner design, etc.. Other This site differs from the site Each is designed to complete the customer or Client is an open The competition was organized.

Anyone participating in the competition And directed to the client According to the designers to create designs. Finally, the client is a design winner And declared as a reward Scheduled payments for designer.

Each work in this Contest is called competition. Contest holder or client site Organizers and participants As a freelancer designer Is mentioned. 30 thousand on this site Registration designer and At the moment there is competition over three hundred Which is the total value of 1 million dollars.

The Payment made As a competition prize, the organizers wanted If you can with any other tool. How the site works

1) create design guidelines: The first step is to host competition According to the design needs of The direction is called Design Brief (Design Brief). The designers Brief based on their designs Is made. Competition To arrange for the client to $ 39 is to provide the money. However, this site From freelancers to Fees are not taken.

2) Determine the budget: The second stage of the amount of the Prize Set. Prizes worth a minimum of 100 Ranging from one to two thousand dollars There may be dollar. It is full It depends on a host of budget.

3) Competition begins: 1 min each competition day Can run up to a maximum of 7 days. The designers of the project Depending on the design brief was to create Design and create a picture On the deposit. Anyone of these images Could see. One of the Design View Another of his designs made from the best Designers mentality to the job. Finally, a host of benefits for Brings.

During Competition Each of the designs submitted to the organizers Provides a rating and a comment. If you do not have a good design in order to fix it Provides advice to the organizers. Each Designers to submit more than one design Maybe.

4) Determine the winner: Ratings and comments by the Contact organizers designers And they wanted to create designs. At the end of the race As one of the host to determine the winner And of the awards. Finally, The designer created from the original design File organizer gave up.

Types of competition: 99designs. com site awards On a variety of payment methods Based on the following types of The competition is organized -

1) Pre-competition: This site Standards A competition that Value of the Prize Before the start of the competition 99designs. com deposited in the site. The winner of the competition Paid by this site.

No host competitions If you do not like the design competition canceled To take back the money. Pre-competition time is 7 days. At the end of the race in 7 days Winner designer Or may be declared If you do not like the design competition canceled it.

2) competition: Designers Competition A method which is the most secure Most designers attracted. Because of Designed to host Maybe.

Award prepaid payment methods Like the competition, but in this manner At the end of the contest organizers Definitely a winner designer Declared and prizes Offer price. Competition organizers to cancel or Deposit can not be refunded.

3) Pay - on - Win contest: This is the first contest of the site System, which was not there anymore. This method Host site award competition Do not deposit the money directly to the winner Designers were provided. On the other hand This work is currently 99 designs. com site And through it a variety of payment methods.

4) Fast Track Competition: This kind of competition is a short held for a period, generally from 1 - 3 days. Normally this type of competition Other types of price competition prizes are more.

5) Private Competition: Pre-private competition Like the competition, but only on After logging can be seen. This kind Competition included in site searches And these are not search engine. These are hidden.

Prize money withdrawal methods: At the end of the competition winning designers Files created from the original site designer to upload. Organizers to take action In addition to the prize money Designers will be deposited in the account.

Total $ 50 dollars more then The use of any one of the 4 methods Money can be withdrawn. Methods are - PayPal, Moneybookers and Western Union. Bangladeshi The last two methods Money can be withdrawn easily. Creative and efficient for designers 99designs. com site revenue from the Internet a great marketplace.

On this site As one another Design As a result, designers can see the new design of new ideas will be able to learn. To submit a design As soon as the client's opinion and Ratings are available, the designer to know that his designs are acceptable And may take steps accordingly.

Here is another good aspect of the site relatively higher than other sites available in pricing. For example, the to design a small logo on the site awards for about 500 dollars is provided, which is really unthinkable.

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