Who does not want to give yourself a web site. Expressing himself in front of the whole world I do not think that there is no easier way than this. You can create your web site free of cost If you are around the world over You can catch.

Why on the web site Everyone is so biased. Internet service provider Various institutions, such as e-mail Free Web Site chance of making (Subdomain or folder) is. To create the web site of three 1 out.
Web Page Design, II. Domain (subdomain) and 3 registration.

Web page hosting. Free the Web File hosting of web pages on the site for Manager (Web) is to use the Most Sites (Free Web Space Danakari organization), FTP server And File Manager lets you use Customers easily upload web pages Is not. Those little computer For those skilled in the discussion here has been done. First, let's come to Create web pages.

A small-scale Web It is not possible to talk about making pages. Earlier, daily newspaper Amar Desh Methods of making web pages has been published. Moreover, good and attractive web pages in Ability to make somebody take advice You can.

Here is only one page of the original Method of hosting will be discussed Convenience. How to Create Web Pages: Your Web site that you want to see makrosaphta Phantapeja open type. If you want your Attach photos or any other matter makrosaphta Word of the works. The right Click on the preview of the HTML code What can be seen by clicking on the Your web pages.

Now a nirdrsta Save folder named index.html (save When you click on the Change Title Type in a title like this taitelai Web page will be displayed in the title bar). If you are using the picture or Word Art Save Embedded Files come in time to save He said if the new file folder Or subfolders will be created if necessary.

In addition, with the help of the book phantapejera more To create a better web pages You can. Here you have to keep in mind For the computer to create Web pages Subfolders and files that have been created or In the same way they are in the same server The need to upload one by one.
Planning For Website
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