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What is SEO?
SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Current Most people in the world Google to find the required information Search. And its search results Google A number of results on the site Displays. Which at first Displays the name of the website will have two No. Page there is the First, because it looks It is SEO. Any Search the website show The process is to be adopted, It is SEO.

When first will be in search Website traffic increased. and Visitors to the growth of income increases. Suppose you are the search engine box, health tips Open the page if you search by typing And that will be the site for the first time According to the first page and on Google For activities that are bringing ranks Is doing is SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is And why?
We necessary To find out information about the Do the search. And around the world The information on this Web site There, in front of all our moves. This These factors determine the source of search Engine (search engine) says.

Famous The name of the search engine are as follows: Google (Google), Yahoo (yahoo), Bing (bing) Etc. This is the site you search for a word Clicking the search box, type, Many of the Web in a few seconds Links to the site in front of us That, if the desired link Results found.

Search How does it work?
The two component Search Engine Serves as: Crawler: It is mainly Information Collect website And (spider, robot / bot via) Here is the Search Engine or SEO Who is any link and then follow And to collect information The data stored in the database. Algorithm: to obtain the search engine An analysis of the information, And relevancy of the content in a variety of page According to the ranking of quality. SEO Factor depends on a lot of Algorithm.

Any keyword search engine to Google If you search by typing a few ml Thousands seconds Site Links Display in front of us. The two types are used in Google search result. Organic: organic search result with Are discussed. Because it's Free Paid: Paid search result at the cost To go through, but if you spend money Ad Can be.

When you write something on Google search Of course, when you see the search results Or down to see different sites. For example, we search by entering the body building Then Google will be the first site bodybuilding .com site.

How Google's first page of the original site. and It is expected SEO.

This has been possible only SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of the appropriate As a result of the application. This work is a little understood It is very easy. Many of the technique or techniques Were adopted. As a result, a web Google Sites can be the first page.

I understand that, SEO is Of the website. SEO does not work If you need a website, It will not be your web site Let your client. Client Web site where you are now You can get because we are still in SEO I do not know what it means to us To learn SEO before. Ways of SEO is basically divided into two parts. Like On page optimization Off page optimization However On page Optimization and Off page Before you begin your site optimization You have to work for anything.

For example, to search for your site You have to select the correct word. And the key word in your Will be posted on the site. Then, when At least 0-5 on your website When you have quality content Think about your site's SEO Will.

On page seo: Simply put, your The website says about you. Off page seo is about you that others Trying to say.

The use of SEO: Suppose you have a Body Building Affairs There are currently 10 sites in the USu. If you want to search engine- Body fitness, then type in the search 1 position-it would make it To make the website's seo. search engine smart enough and se Who in your company name and keyword Can separate easily.

The keyword For the more competition, the keyword and more difficult to rank. For some planning prior to the start seo We should have. Because, you The new site will open in that regard before There are millions of athletes, and Another built a site that There may be about 1,000 websites, Now you tell me, where competition Be easy to do in a thousand million in it? For this reason, the site of the right seo plan Choosing the right keyword is very Important.

If you do not correct keyword selection You get your desired results can get. No people Search engine when looking for anything in this Using the search term. Therefore If people do not know $EO, How you You need to fill.
What SEO Why SEO And How SEO
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