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What is Web Design Web Design is a means Website will look like or How to determine the normal form. As a web designer made a full web site template. Such as web How menu site layout Where there should be Sidebar What is or will be, images Etc. How will show.

Different Speaking website What will be stored and where They do not worry, data It will be shown how to determine the Web Designer's work. The Design Will be used to determine Some of the programming, scripting And Markup Language.

Why Learn Web Design?
The people of our country, 'no I learn it, 'or' I I can do it "is not such a question Rather says how easily earn Will "or" to learn how much money it I will. " How those overnight How much income or income or these For those who think the web It is not designed.

Although the Web In fact, in high-income professions Design But if you'll be one of earnings With that in mind, I would like to move Web design is not for you to say. Web Design, Graphic This kind of design or programming Their job is to Those who want to do something creative and His work found herself in If you want to get.

Since Web Design Coding and programming of the rich and Programming without drugs Such programming is not possible This is only for those who work Feel attracted to work. Then In fact, after learning You can from any other profession This is where you can earn a good income.

What will you learn?
Various Web Design Depending on the context A few types of fairly Language And the script is by using Photoshop is used at the beginning again This frequency is determined by the first. They are widely used in Are discussed below - HTML

HTML is a markup Language. No one in the browser In which the viewer can see HTML is set up.

This programming Language, but any Much easier than programming. It So simple that any common man The programming does not want to learn, too Laughter craft craft to learn HTML Maybe.

For example, if When I want to show paragraph.

<p>This is a paragraph</p>

That is, 'This is a paragraph' This text A browser paragraph As will be shown. 

CSS (CSS): This is also a markup Language. It does not set Browser HTML content by Looks like it will be displayed. That is how big will the font article. With How much space will be empty.

What is the distance from the text to another, Background color will do what it will, Even with the latest CSS3 content Animation can be added. For example, prior to  have an HTML paragraph Writing.

Now we want With below the paragraph  text of the color of red can. p {color: red;} JavaScript / JQuery (javascript / JQuery): These two are essentially programming Language, somewhat caught near. Basically two things done at the same However, the JQuery A form on which JavaScript is pretty easy to use.

The site for these works Be interactive. The Visitor Clicking on a button to open the menu. Or if you submit a form Including a confirmation message will appear. Some of this is basically to get started Language skills and practical work To use it to qualify. However, this kind of experience Ongoing process.

More and more new To learn something more professional Web designers are more worthy Will make.

Where will you work?
Marketplace freelance Web Design and front-end Web Thousands of development work And this kind of work is available However, the relatively low competition Demand more.

So easy job And to the price of such work More. A normal hourly freelancers to work Rate is the dollar, but the Web At the beginning of the 10 top designers hourly Or is 1 dollar.
Web Design Why How Where
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