Hear I made a stylish comment box for blogger. This is a new custom comment box. You just copy my given code and paste it to html widgets in your layout.

You like to made a change of this the up description and title. It's didn't need any title because I write the title in the head of comment box.

You change the background picture, just change the url in the code of background (). You change the title just find the title and change it. You change all kind of things. Feel free to make any change of this html code.

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I found it in a website. I forgot the url of his site. Please forgive me, I use your code but don't mention you. You made a very good comment widgets. Thank you very much.
This comment box mobile responsive. It's very creative designed and you just paste this code in widgets. And show the comment box when you need any change, write me or you change it.

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Responsive Stylish Comment Box Blogger
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