1. Take more time to load a page. Visitors take a long time to load a page Do not give much importance to your site. For example, you have a site.

The site takes longer to load a page. A few days ago, I visit your site Have. I was very well-liked your site No. Reason to load a page on your site It takes more time.

One day, I found your site on gugalasarca I went to number 1. There are also a number of sites. For Auction Oyapaka it.

Reason: oyapaka mobile view. Loading of the page It takes less time. Now I do not visit your site

2.The number of visits will oyapaka. Reason: I know, your site pages It takes longer to load. If you do not install the mobile view. Mobile view pages to load in less time Takes. If you do not install the mobile view Visitors can be reduced.

3. If you add JavaScript. So if your site Javascript Visitors may come lower.

4. If you add on more. Many of us at the site with more ads Reserve. Visitors to the site to add more to less Because.

5. If the site agochano designs. If your site agochano Visitors may come lower.

6. If kapipesta tune. If you tune your site kapipesta 95 percent Is If your visitor will be reduced.

7. The other half the other half of the tune If you link to a blog or site.

For example, remember, I'm a popular blog This was a tune. I wrote the tune of 50% to 50% for the rest of the I link to my blog.

For example, if I were in tune to the popular blog They tune their Facebook page Seemed to share. From there it's a visitor visits Did.

Also did not detail. As a result, Visitors can be reduced.
Reasons of Decrease Visitors
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