Internet Based payoneer Financial Services in the United States Located. Free Virtual payoneer Prepaid Mastercard is Freelancing Marketplace Money And for the withdrawal transaction. Including Bangladesh More than 10 countries around the world also virtual Master Card is being used. A Under the offer, through referrals To open an account is $ 5 each Never have. 

If you find any sufficient free 5 dollars Referral from the account must be open and A minimum of $ 100 will be loaded on the card. 100 After loading both dollars and 5 dollars Will.

What you need

Any citizen 18 years or older You can apply for this card. The It will take a national identity card or driving License or passport. You can use the card: Since it anywhere MasterCard ATMs bearing the MasterCard logo Withdraw funds to be able to, at the POS Make payments and online Shopping / make payments. How can load money: Never odesk by Mastercard, Freelancing sites, including money You can load. The other Masters Never Load from Card.

Master Card Can you do it

The cost of card: 3 monthly card maintenance costs Dollars. But more than two months after loading times The cost is $ 1. However, the card less than $ 3 Monthly maintenance  if the  As the cut. Withdraw money from ATMs per withdrawal 2.15 will be charged per dollar. If you fail to ATM cash withdrawal .90 USD will be charged.

Check account balances at ATMs If you will be charged a $ .90. The new card or change card costs 12.95 dollars. The offline (POS) or online There is no charge for purchases. The monthly maintenance costs Instead, the annual cut of $ 29.95. First 12.95 will be an additional card No.

Payoneer Master Dabit cards
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