We know that search engine optimization The two

I. On Page SEO

A. Using Title Tags

B. Use header tags

C. Main keywords bold, italic, and Anadaralainim etc.

D. Use Alt tag images

E. Etc. Meta tags.

II. Off Page SEOO

A. Text link

B. Link Site Title

C. The site links to rank pages

D. Links to the site content, etc.

But the search engine optimization Many of the cases that **** They thought it On Page Optimization As a result of that site search First results can be seen. In fact On Page optimization is so important. So what in many cases is a site only By optimization of Off Page What are search results for particular ward Can be seen in the first row. However, The site for that particular Keyword Optimization is not On Page!

What is Google or Yahoo, "Click Here" this Search for keywords has not For this is that once the Results of the first link The adobe.com site! We know The various types of graphics site For the development of software products and the famous. The following keywords First, it's normal for the site Hata

? graphic design programs

? create printable documents

? web design programs

? and other keywords related to what they sell ...

Here are some things to notice -
1. "Click here" on the site keyword Is the title page.

2. "Click here" keyword in the url of the site Is part of.

3. Even the "click here" in the ward. Is not mentioned anywhere.

This is exactly the reason adobe.com The first search engine results for keywords Real? In fact, two reasons are responsible for this -

1. adobe.com linked site gets its own page rank.

II. The site links to sites adobe.com And Ward click here for read more several times as text Be used.

The cloud is So adobe.com Do not want to sit in the water. So In the search engine optimization On Page Off Page key considerations.
On Page Off Page SEO Importance
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