When we normally host a new site When information about the nature of the site, Google Or any other search engine is No. For example, we are a '****' of If you have a web site url If we now go to the Google site search I can not see any results or But to our desired site The results will be in.

However, our new site Google search Their results are not coming because our site or database There is no information. Our site so they Can not give any page rank. Therefore, To get Google page rank As well as the first index Will be included in the database.
We often do this thing Google the destination pag We have a better description of our site Written (in the case of our Maybe - now the primitive and genuine gourd Reach your hand ... or the famous Maintain a firm statement of the gourd) our To submit the site address.

It's basically a Google Web site to submit the form.

Google is here to say that your site Within the next four weeks to Will be included in the database. To you But my personal opinion is that I do not know Four weeks is a long time. Thus, Do not know how long to get Need. And this is no Google or any other reason, Web site search engine submission form Should not be used. Because it's time Waste.

So how do we in 4 hours Google search results to our site Can show? I know from Take the secret techniques. So what we What to do are : What is desired in the Google Ward will have to search for.

A site for the ward You have to find the page rank of 5 and on him. Then will see links to pages on the site Or if there is no advantage in resources.

Now we have to do is in Site of (page rank of more On) in any one of our sites The link will be submitted. That is why we All the sites 'contact us' link at the Email address can mail They are linked to our site If we are connected to our If you are on theirs ... ...........
The words of the other party to manage It is expected that in the course of Answer. Remember, once you have a page From 5 page sites rank your site However, you are sure to get the link 4 hours in the Google database list Go.

It's like a second head Jackfruit as easy to break. However, a lot of page rank 5 or Distinguished rank at the top of the web owner Link exchange can not be persuaded. In that case there is a solution. The purchase text links.

Yes, we need our link Do not get high page rank of major The site can be purchased text links. So we have a link to any easily Go to our Web site to sell Buy a text link for the site Can.

7 page website Rank prominent link to the site for one month $ 150 can buy. And after one month $ 150 no additional cost to itself No. Because you have already Google be included in the database is not it? Google has been included in the database quickly If you have any Another technique is Web site from which the old Item High-level rank, however, that the task The new site, you can do Include a link to your old one.

The quick Google search results you You will find the new site. Once After the removal of those links to your old site May be - to any new site Will not be difficult.
Need 4 Hour Index Website
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