How To Use Custom Domain

How do I use my blog on my custom domain ? 

If you do n not want your blog's address blogspot.com, but you can get yourself a  custom domain. Your content as before Will hold, but they are your new Address will be displayed. To set it up There are three components: First you need to choose a domain name , Such as mysite .com and register it. DNS Settings Then, ghs. google .com with your Domain of your domain Create a CNAME record for the DNS, including Required. 

The exact procedure to find your Depending on the domain registrar Is varied, so you Registrar And the direct contact with and You'll be able to solve it. Kindness Be patient, as the new DNS record May not be properly effective. Blogger settings At this point, DNS servers when He wants to see your blog on Google- Know to direct, so make sure that your domain With the right to blog. Blogger You can find the settings for your blog .

Will be publishing tab. If you are in Blogspot- If production, on the part of t have to switch to a custom domain You will see a link. Go ahead And click on the link. Blogspot address Now your domain settings are changed. At the beginning of the process to register your domain Please fill in, then save your settings. Note: Yourself to your new domain You can not bring it to the blog, the DNS Server has been updated to ensure that the One or two-day wait. 

Still If it does not work, you are correct DNS Ensure that the settings are entered Your registrar to Contact. Your original Blogspot address Automatically to your new domain Will be forwarded. Thus, your site Any existing links or bookmarks yet Will work. You domain (for example, www .mysite. Com) or Subdomains (eg name.mysite. Com), including can use the feature. However, You subdirectories (eg, mysite. Com / blog /) or wildcards (eg, *. mysite .com) can not specify.
How to Use Custom Domain
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