Heading tags are HTML code that indicates outline, at the start of the <h1> To <h6>, heading tags contain the title of the article, title sub-chapter, or title of the important points but open paragraph itself, for example an article I'm talking about.

<H1> is the title of the article itself.
<H2> is the title of chapter.
<H3> is the title of sub-section.

How to Listen Here.

Make a heading tag as outline dispersive well structure in an article Common mistakes that you should avoid from Seo:

Make a heading tag that is not necessary, jump with a structure that is not clear. Make a heading tag just to be writing good in view and not because of its structure.

Putting such a paragraph in the heading tag, should be a short phrase or title. Image optimization Images in a website or blog very powerful in SEO.

Search engines currently can not index the text in the picture, but can index the "ALT" in Fig. text in ALT attributes can appear when visitors image not is not displayed in the browser both on purpose for speed up browsing or not on purpose by visitors.

Suggestions Things You Should Take Using the ALT attribute that clearly and concisely explain this picture. Using the name of the file that is used as disc pictures or keyword.

Her example, more either using image.jpg Using ALT attributes if the image is in use a link is required, the same function with anchor in the link text
Meta Tag all images in a directory in particular web site.

Using a common file types (JGP, GIF, PNG, and BMP).

Make Robot txt Effective

When the search engine robot crawlers visit page or your website and blog, then the first thing visible is a robots.txt file. for users platform blogger, you can or have souring the option to control the search engine crawler bot and determine which ones should be crawled and the index or where the web from your blog.

Below is an example of effective.

Sitemap: http://bloggerspices.blogspot.com/sitemap.xml
User-agent: ILRbot
User-agent: *
disallow: / next /
User-agent: *

If the code entered robots.txt file to disallow particular folder, the folder contents will not be in the index search engine, but can occur in the machine search, if there is a link to the page in other pages (including referred log) so robots txt to prevent search engines index pages but not the block visitors, because visitors can still open if Tau Url her.

Allowing search result indexed search engine Allowing similar pages indexed search engine Allowing the url of the proxy server is indexed search engines. Similarly, I hope that this short article helpful Thank you.
Heading Tag SEO
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