We are all more or less money on the Internet Eager to make. And so our first Target Google Adsense. Barely a blog Ad opens in three or four I sit down to wait for the money.

Or to make money from dream to dream Said. Then one time we take the wrong step AdSense websites, or in another way For example. Google actually want to do? 

Google loves content. Content here only text Mean - pictures, music, video - all There is no cost to Google.

If you do not get no traffic from Google Have high quality content on your website - Write your own content, copy and paste the contents ... Is not enough.

Spelling mistakes to avoid Stay tuned, do not use unnecessary keyword Et cetera. The following are a few reasons Google account may be banned or According to the work being deprived of income.

1. Blog made only for search engines Do not be, because the search engines at best reader Or bring your website But will readers click.

Therefore, the time of writing Remember readers and search engines. So the reader gets comfortable, so the point In the form of a blog post with pictures if necessary.

2. The objective is only to make money Please refrain from making blog.

3. Target High Paying Keyword Niche blog Made, but according to the blog There is no content.

4. Making easy money online, this Just thought I made a blog - Readers rush to your website And that will start to click.

5. Wisely manually one at a time Another click or click Encouraged.

6. Virulent designs that are difficult to read, Unnecessary images, sounds, widgets used.

7. Using AdSense, but AdSense Channel are not using. So no Ad From making a few money, you know what Can not.

8. Google never read the rules - any Stop using AdSense.

9. Ad placed on a page, Where there is any contents.

10. More than one active account AdSense Are trying.

11. Others CTR, Impressions, eCPM, and say He said.

12. Google Ad placed as soon as the photo - Ad put situated not forgotten the image.

13. Unnecessary code changes to AdWords do not do. If you were to change, then Change from Adsense account.

14. Topics who has blogged about the Cost Per Click (CPC) is very low. So your income is low.
Google AdSense About 14 Wrong Ideas
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