Not a word is very alluring? But if it Is a trap to catch you, then what To do? How to survive this terrible fake From? Do you know yours? If not If you know this post today For yours.

Tell us in a situation to say the jebhabei But usually we get free WiFi Connect Everyone started browsing. I do not thinks it through a times I'm looking for any loss or hackers Whether we are.

Remember that your smartphone or Grab all the necessary information on laptops It is better to take a medium. However, some strategies, but it is very The possibility of being easily hacked You can be free. For example, the detailed below To be discussed are.

## In my opinion, coffee shops, libraries, Universities, including the public Place you use the free WiFi Lets try to avoid them Go. Because here The network is being used If conditions are unsafe. Your The same hacker sitting pasei Very easy to use WiFi connection Your phone or laptop data May take their own hands.

Still, if you wish to browse However, to get. When a site dhukabena From where do you steal confidential information When there is fear, such as Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, peonira, etc. remember Let your PC or phone, no matter that it Secure connections or password But this does not mean that protected It is secure. If you have Windows.

## or Mac OS If you use PC-based Or for the safety of every OSX Windows inbuilt security There. If you want to turn it on Windows security settings to go Then go to the firewall settings Blocks all incoming traffic from there on, Will. Now, despite the efforts of the No signal on your PC Will not be able to send.

## Many of the people a little lazy nature. That's what I say. As soon as you see it Facebook or other prayajaniya The site continues to languish in your browser You automatically "Remember Password ", a Notification He said. Yes, if it means giving Later in this same website When the new user you dhukabena Do not take the name of the password.

Your The browser will remember. It In a very serious mistake. Hacker RA is a lot of time on your browser If the target. From these phishing Mozilla Firefox in order to escape There is an option of password Take it on. However, in my opinion, necessary Website pass to confuse the browser does not save To Best Practice.

## Using a Website HTTP (HTTP) signal to your work As it takes. Then there are the It was confidential. Therefore, Ebharihoyyara HTTP (HTTPS Everywhere) Install. Various popular site Your activity as a signal Will be forced to reach.

## Has seen a lot of hackers "Free WiFi" or a new name Fake networks. In that case, My advice to you as soon as new Free Wi-Fi when not using the land Use it before The connection from authorities The name and password and then Do not use it.

## Is a very personal use, such as online Kenakamta, the bank transfer, Free sensitive tasks, etc. Do not use the WiFi. The work required in your home Remove recovered. Above all, try the above directions Compliance as well.

And yes Another Not always a good thing to try Quality anti-virus software to use. Whether it's your PC or Smartphone
Attention From Free WiFi
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