Offer it to them at Fiverr selar Presents: I do so in exchange for $ 5 It will, it could be the work of SEO, Banner design, logo design, Creating videos, websites khutim Minor fix, article writing, Voice of backgrounds.
Your If the buyer chooses to offer However, he will order your gig. Each $ 5 if you want to gig Some extra service to cell Can.

Suppose you are the SEO gigati To create backlinks. Now you can $ 5 for basic gige 0 Cell backlinks are, you gig He said to Extra, extra $ 10 I In exchange I will give you 50 backlinks. Thus, you have the same gig order to earn more After your buyer Information will be required, for example, SEO gig Website address for your buyer, Keywords, etc. will be required.

The buyer In addition to providing the information in your The order will be activated. Each Usually within a certain period of time gig Delivery is to create your gig During this period you fix Should be, and of course in this period Delivery to your gig Do not try.

Delivery of the gig When you're on your job buyer Feedback will, Feedback Score of 5 Bayer will give you a number, Try the good work 5 Star Feedback to the buyer. as much 5 Star Feedback will be more than you, your Cell would be more likely.

Fiverr Based on the work of the Level will increase. There are 3 levels, Level 1, Level II And a top-rated seller.
About The Idea of ​​Fiverr GIG
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