When we work on this site we will be paid its truly cause. I received the money from Google. its very easy. their not have any problems.
 but creation
is the best thing. firstly we need a gmail address before we go on YouTube .

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we go to the www.gmail.com and then make a gmail address by singup all information they need. when we fillip this they send message for verification, when its complete its done. 

look fearful that a suitable name we fill on gmail address name. and the perform name. when its ready. we go to the youtube home page. 

Then signup for YouTube then you need to provide the creator gmail  accounts. 

fill the address and password. then we saw a new page its tell me no channel in my account. its ok. we go the new channel click. 

make the name fit a suitable first and last name. its very difficult to chose the name of my channel but u fill one subject for work. when you used a name its change for second time don't worry man. 

after you create a channel you maybe upload one unoccupied video by made you. chowder the titles name confidencely then give a description to this video and lastly give this video to a tag to find people easyly in your published video. when its done by you. 

go to the creator page and then go to the advance option and change yours country to United state. then save it. 

after save you go the creator page again then their you see monetization go to enable and create for advertisements. their a popup window and correct the symbol and then you need to got in options. 

and that's it.  then your video get monitazed by a single click of video manager then go to correct the file and then popup to and monitize the video. 

and some moment latter you play your video its show you to Adds and you earned for this video. 

You must be do not upload copyright video its voltaic youtube taerms and condition. then you block for upload video. so that you don't create any copyright video. 

and such a naked video. when its ok you maybe signed for a adsense accounts to be paid to get paid you must be created a adsense account. when its done your 10$ its verify your address by mailed you. 

and when you make your 100$ you get paid by bank cheak. so you need my help to get this you must be contact with me anytime its very easy to use its help you very much to earn by youtube. its fully trusted and no carwalon in the image by Gothic of ads.  

so this is easy to use in this tutoring any help you need play the video and contact on our contact us page.

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Earn From Your Video In YouTube
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